12 Dec

If you’re a high school and college student, writing free essays is an unavoidable part of your academic life. These essay writing assignments make a huge chunk of your overall grade. To perform well on an essay, you must first understand the characteristics that make an essay outstanding.

I have highlighted some qualities that you must include in your paper to score an A-grade. Apart from your paper being free of spelling and grammatical mistakes, there’s so much more that you must look out for:

Pick a topic that is relevant to your subject – Your topic is the backbone of the entire essay; make sure that it is relevant to the subject that you’re writing for. Also, the topic you choose must be according to your academic level. If you are in high school don’t pick an easy topic that is meant for middle schoolers.

Make the topic engaging – The title is the first thing that a reader will see and they will decide whether the essay is worth reading or not based on that. If they see an overused topic that the teacher has read multiple times they won’t be interested in reading it. Even if you use an old topic, present it in a different light.

A strong thesis statement – The central argument of your paper, or the main point is known as the thesis. The entire essay revolves around it, which is why you must make sure that it is clear, strong and easily justified.

Interesting topic sentences – For your body paragraphs, start them with a topic sentence. A topic sentence should act as an introduction and transition. Present the crux of the paragraph with this sentence.

End with a course of action – Don’t simply end the conclusion by restating the thesis and the main points. Suggest a course of action to the reader, so they have something to ponder over even after they are done reading.

If you struggle with essay writing or don’t have the time to craft your essay, don’t lose hope. You can look for professional help online – if you’re worried about the high cost you’ll be happy to know that there is an option of free essay writing service. Get in touch with a reliable service and have their free essay writer assist you with your paper.

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